for Women in STEM

One on One Coaching Program

Start your personalized journey to uncovering your true potential and becoming the best version of yourself.  

A Coaching Program That Can Change Your Life

"I can't believe this is my life!"

...said one of my clients with teary eyes. 

I know this is joy is possible for you too. I know you crave to build a life that excites you to jump out of bed everyday.

That's why I built my one on one coaching program to help you manifest everything you dream of and do it in the most sustainable way.

I handpick clients just like YOU who show potential, commitment and a drive to become their best version. With only a handful of openings this is one of a kind exclusive coaching program!


I know how hard you are trying to do it ALL!

We both know that the world of STEM is not an easy path to walk. Listen, being stuck is not fun! I know that you are torn between trying to prove yourself, trying to be perfect, trying to fit in & trying to be taken seriously.

At the same time, you are trying to find confidence, stand out and feel successful BUT still going to bed feeling like an imposter every night! As you are trying to fall asleep, your head is spinning, you are tired, your confidence is shaking and you don't know what is missing. And all of it feels off like amiss. 

Maybe you feel like you...

✘   Aren't good enough.  
✘   Won't reach your full potential in STEM.  
✘  Are exhausted from finding "success" in your life and career. 
✘ Constantly question your confidence. ​
✘ Have no time to do things that you love. 
✘ Are unsure what success means in STEM.
✘ Don't to know how to pursue smooth transitions in your career.
✘ And basically question it all sometimes!

Imagine if you could change things

How would you feel if you knew exactly how to...


What would your career look like if you untapped your true potential?
How will you show up for your family and community? 

How magical would it be to go to bed every night knowing that you did your best and that you are living the most elevated life you can! 

My No-Fluff Coaching Approach

I coach based on my life experiences and that's why I know, in life nothing goes by the book! I also know that not one size fits all, that's why my one on one coaching program is tailor made to meet you where you are in your career and life.

Whether you are a mom or a new employee your job or are just starting a STEM side hustle, I am here to help you find joy in everything you do! 

From healing the past to visualizing the future, we take this journey fearlessly. We build boundaries at work and at home, remove distractions and create space for new possibilities.I teach you all my secrets to lifelong confidence one real life scenario at a time.

I am committed to your success more than you can imagine and I am that hope you have been looking for in up leveling your life and career.  

When I say, this experience is custom made for you, I mean it! Apply now and find out for yourself! 

Mastery in loving yourself to manifesting money and career success we bring it all to life one small step at a time. 

Quality Engineer & Women in STEM Advocate

to anyone who is struggling...with self-worth in STEM because she gets to the root of the problem and gives you actionable steps to get to the point of enlightenment and recognition. I am more confident at work, and have also found ways to establish boundaries and make my mental health a priority. Thank you, love, for believing in me!" 

"I 100% recommend Prasha's coaching

- Diana Morales-Hernandez

Mom, Senior Project Manager & Career Coach

- Aneri Desai

Best professional development investment I've ever made. I started working with Prasha in February 2020 and she helped me find work-life balance, clarify regarding my business idea, and a targeted audience. With her guidance and support, I was able to build authority in my field and successfully launch my career coaching business."

"Prasha always believed in me and she empowered me to be fierce.