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You are too brilliant to drown in self doubt on a daily basis. Unless you can unleash and believe in your brilliance, you will not be able to live the epic life you know you deserve to live. I am on a mission to help you believe in your brilliance by using simple & consistent  daily actions. 

Let’s Unleash Your Brilliant Self

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You want to thrive, you want to feel successful and you surely want to overcome your crippling self doubt. Through coaching, content and events I will help you get all that and more. 

Coaching for Women Who Want to Thrive

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Find Out Your Superpower 

Not sure where to begin this journey from doubtful to brilliant? Then start with this quiz. In just 2 minutes, you will know what already makes you brilliant and how to move forward with ease. 

What Is Your Brilliant Superpower Quiz

Every week, I bring you one simple technique, tool or action that will help you sustainably grow in all areas of your life. Clarity, time management, confidence, relationships and self awareness are all topics we will discuss in this show. 


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Believe in your brilliance 


“Honestly, working with Prasha changed my routines forever and enriched my whole dang life.”


I'm Prasha, your new I-got-you friend.

Having spent 7 years in corporate America as an engineer &  leader while building my side hustle into a full time business, I know a thing or two about building an epic life & I am on a mission to teach you all that I know..

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