Let's do that thing you've always wanted to do.

How much longer will you wait for things to align? How many more months you will spend on IG watching others start their dream lives, while you are letting fear take the best of you.

You are already successful but you know there's so much more to life and so much more to you! So let's do that thing you've always wanted to do but never knew where to begin..

calling all successful women:

So far, your parents or teachers or friends have dictated the goals you should focus on..but not anymore, its time you take the charge back and decide for yourself, what you want to accomplish. Get crystal clear on the biggest goal for the next 6-months.

Find Your Next Epic Goal

Take Aligned Action Consistently With Confidence

Overcome procrastination, find the most aligned actions to your goal and take those actions consistently & confidently. Sounds like a dream? Trust me, I GOT YOU! I will teach you exactly how to accomplish this.

what you'll learn here: 

Build Epic Routines 

Small actions lead to massive results, it's as simple as that. Habits & routines are one way to automate those small actions. With me, we will work towards your goals while building most epic & aligned routines for you so that you can become the most elevated version of yourself. 

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Offering Two

Work with me in a private setting where you and I work on your goals together. I will build your projects, help you take consistent action. Together we will make consistent progress towards your biggest goals.


Join my signature academy program, a 3 month group program designed to help you get clarity and take aligned actions with other amazing women who will be by your side. 

Offering One


I hired Prasha, as I needed a Confidence boost and direction to what truly is my purpose. I would 100% recommend Prasha's coaching to anyone who is struggling with self worth in STEM, because she gets to the root of the problem and gives you actionable steps to get to the point of enlightenment and recognition. We go really deep into old believes that don serve you and ways to counteract them so that you can form a new mental framework around your personal and work life.

"I would 100% Prasha to anyone who is looking for Life, business or career coach"

Found clarity on her business


The sessions with Prasha were extremely helpful, helped me discover the lost me. Every week, the calls gave me a different insight to look at things. Career-wise, I was happy with my growth and according to me on the right path to complete my dream. But lacked confidence and was overwhelmed about everything that was happening around me. By working with her one on one, I was able to overcome the struggles.

Life is better when you believe in your brilliance and chose the way that helps you shine.


Found her lost confident self

I had lots of ideas and no time to work on any of them. I was lost and confused and frankly desperate to find a way to create a life filled with purpose. With Prasha's help, I excelled at my 9-5, found time for myself, started my side hustle and in one year grew it into a full time career. Prasha really cares about the deeper purpose of your life, while supporting you daily in the journey ahead. You need to work with her to experience the magic of her coaching!

"I went from barely having any time from my 9-5 to building a successful coaching business"



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If you loved my story, my vibe, and my joyful personality, I am sure we are already becoming friends. I am on a mission to help you believe in your brilliance and everything I do is to serve that mission daily. 
You have waited too long, doubted too long and stood on the side lines forever! Now it's time to take action. Hit me up and lets unleash your brilliance together!!

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