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Her STEM Story is an ongoing masterclass for women in STEM professions. Through guest interviews and solo episodes, this show will teach you what success means and what it takes to achieve it, in STEM and beyond.

Through actionable advice and inspirational guest speakers, we help women conquer their STEM career with confidence and find their most authentic selves!

I have found the power of storytelling in STEM...

I launched Her STEM Story in 2017, inspired to share extraordinary stories of ordinary women in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math professions.

I came to the US in 2012 to grow in my STEM skills and start building my American Dream from scratch as a first-generation immigrant. Since earning my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Mechanical Engineering, I’ve thrived in my role as a Product Development Manager in a manufacturing company on the east coast.

Having interviewed 125+ women, I have found the power of storytelling and how it can be the best way to grow in our STEM careers. From stories to personal advice, this show is all things inspiration!!

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