Hi, I’m Prasha, aka Ms. RayofSunshine!

When I am not working on a million ideas, I am binging on Chick-Fil-A and FRIENDS with my hubby.

I come from a confident and over achieving Indian family. Growing up my only options were to become an engineer or to become an engineer. So when I did become one, I was shocked that it didn’t give me all the happiness in the world. That’s exactly what set me on a path of self discovery and eventually led me to YOU!

I know how it feels to not have the tools to navigate life after you’ve hit all the milestones your parents set for you. My goal with all my work is to create a safe space for women in STEM, just like you, so you can redefine success on your own terms and build a happy & fulfilling life. Let’s start with my STEM Story…

left home at 17

failed iit jee & all engineering entrances

merit in science in cbse

moved to jaipur, india

became a big sister

Born in Punjab, India






MSc Mechanical Engineering & Started my job

moved to the us

btech in chemical engineering




started my business and gave my ted talk

lost my father

married my love




started her stem story podcast

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How Did I Get Here?

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Born in Punjab, India

Became a Big Sister

Moved to Jaipur, India

Merit in Science in CBSE 

Failed IIT JEE & All Engineering Entrances

Left Home at 17

BTech in Chemical Engineering

Moved to the US

MSC Mechanical Engineering & Started My Job

Lost My Father

Married My Love

Started Her STEM Story Podcast

Started My Business and Gave My Ted Talk

I went from sleeping on the floor to...

Buying a $700 pair of Jimmy Choos within the first 6 years of moving to the US. I have been hungry, poor and down right depressed but I never lost hope. I know you’ve overcome a lot of things too but you still feel there’s something missing, something amazing, something that sets your soul on fire. I felt exactly that, until one day I found it! I found what sets my soul on fire and that set me on a mission to help women in STEM find that too...

The amazing women I work with are proof that when you are driven and committed to building a dream life, all you need is someone who can believe in your brilliance and show you how to do the same! 


My Clients Have Found Happiness In Their Careers & Life...

My clients have gone from working over the weekends and not spending any time with their family to taking entire weekends work free. From not knowing how to start a side hustle to building 5 figure coaching businesses in just a few months. They have overcome limiting beliefs, found confidence and unlocked their true potential. When we work together, you’ll never have to worry about ever feeling lost again. With me you’ll find a strong long lasting self confidence, tools to manage everything from your 9-5 to your personal growth and the time to pursue all your dreams. I am the hope that’s missing in your life and I know it!

If you don't believe me, see it yourself...

- Discovery Call Client

"Prasha's enthusiasm about helping women in STEM is great!

Before her call I was feeling very stressed and depressed about my work situation and I felt like speaking with her reignited my eagerness to find a new job that I was passionate about. She also reassured me that I had time and could be a little picky about what I wanted, which I needed to hear. I felt like Prasha genuinely cared about me and what was best for me."

- Alia Hardy

"Working directly with Prasha has been a gift!"

I'm in my final week of one of the biggest investments I've ever made in myself! I love my job but I have a calling to do more for the women in STEM community as well as provide more security for my family. This program has been a game-changer and working directly with Prasha has been a gift. Thank you so much Prasha and to the other amazing women in the group!"

- Samantha Cash

"Prasha always gave me the coaching I needed...

...even when I wasn't able to clearly define what that was, which happened a lot in the beginning. Her perspective on my circumstances helped me think differently about my life and career. She has provided so much value compared to my past coaching experiences. I loved her style of interactive coaching and use of real stories about applying the lessons she's learned."

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"STEM doesn't define us, but we define stem!"

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